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Multiple offerings to support your research

Qualitative: Interview flow programming, secure content hosting, interview scheduling, interactive exercises and process automation.

Quantitative: Advanced decision logic, randomization and branching at all levels, analysis, multivariate work and in survey segmentation.

Support Services: Consultation, process analysis and enhancement through technology, broadcasting, product photography, incentive fulfillment, coding, sample procurement, and translation.

Reporting: 24/7 access to data in multiple layouts (ASCII, CSV, and SCII standard), quota management, real-time crosstabs and charts, coding tool.

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Here at Jibunu, we truly love finding solutions to fill your needs and look forward to any opportunity to help you and your team serve your clients in the best way possible. We have consistently been able to help many customers with their process concerns, data collection needs and in many other ways. It is our goal to make your life easier and help you get what you need in the best way.

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